Agreements Network Update

Adam Locklin

Hello Agreements Network,

I hope everyone is off to a good new year. Monax Industries has been busy
building the Agreements Network (AN) and more! If you have a question on
the update below please reply to this email. AN update:


Testnet 5 live, download here
<>, boot and sync your nodes.
Documentation <>.

Testnet 5 is feature complete at the smart contract level so please do
feel free to stress test it and start prototyping your solutions.

Initial AN token economics review is underway.

Join and share AN Telegram <> as we’d
like to get more discussion on legal tech, small businesses, artists and
entertainers use cases.

Open-sourced Blackstone
<> codebase, a
collection of smart contracts and RESTful APIs which together form the
basis for the AN. This is very probably the largest active smart contract
repository in open source, so feel free to “mine” it for insights.

To see the AN in action through the Monax Platform, please sign up here
<> for a demonstration or reach out to me,

If you have a minute, we developed a guessing game with legal
agreements, smart contracts, and executing on a blockchain (yeah we’re
nerds) You can play daily until
February 2nd, Groundhogs Day with all prizes go to charity for children.


Adam Locklin

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