Re: Agreements Network Update

Silas Davis

Hi André,

Thanks for the heads up on the document - this should be fixed now.

Regarding T5 - we had an operational glitch caused by an underlying bug
with Burrow's state versioning across restarts. As a result of some
maintenance work some months ago this took down a couple of our nodes (and
other network nodes). To fix this a special build of Burrow was needed, the
content of which is in this commit:

If you would like to catch up a fresh Burrow node on current T5 you will
need to run this special build, you can build of: A docker build
is available here:

Apologies the communication about this was not better - we did a hotfix
over Christmas and were focussed on the core stability of our validator
pool to keep T5 up and running.


On Thu, 10 Jan 2019 at 15:28, André Simeit via Lists.Agreements.Network
<> wrote:


the download links at don't

I could get the files from

Before starting the new burrow the old data/blockchain-directory had to
be deleted, otherwise burrow would not start.

After starting I noticed some errors in the log like these:

failure: handshake failed: unmarshal to p2p.DefaultNodeInfo failed after
3 bytes (invalid typ3 bytes
\u003cInvalid Typ3 4\u003e): "log_channel":"Info","message":"Error
reconnecting to peer. Trying



I'm not sure if everything works as it should.

Is there a way to see if burrow runs as expected?



Am 09.01.19 um 23:47 schrieb Adam Locklin via Lists.Agreements.Network:
Hello Agreements Network,

I hope everyone is off to a good new year. Monax Industries has been busy
building the Agreements Network (AN) and more! If you have a question on
the update below please reply to this email. AN update:


Testnet 5 live, download here
<>, boot and sync your
Documentation <>.

Testnet 5 is feature complete at the smart contract level so please do
feel free to stress test it and start prototyping your solutions.

Initial AN token economics review is underway.

Join and share AN Telegram <> as we’d
like to get more discussion on legal tech, small businesses, artists
entertainers use cases.

Open-sourced Blackstone
<> codebase, a
collection of smart contracts and RESTful APIs which together form the
basis for the AN. This is very probably the largest active smart
repository in open source, so feel free to “mine” it for insights.

To see the AN in action through the Monax Platform, please sign up
<> for a demonstration or reach out to me,

If you have a minute, we developed a guessing game with legal
agreements, smart contracts, and executing on a blockchain (yeah we’re
nerds) You can play daily until
February 2nd, Groundhogs Day with all prizes go to charity for


Adam Locklin

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