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main / The Agreements Network
Mailing lists for the Agreements Network . ( ) The `main` group is for general discussion regarding the Network. Please feel free to provide feature level feed back, ask general questions about using the network, or any other questions for the ecosystem you may have here. Please also see the following sub-groups which will focus on more distinct topics: * the `validators` group is for those who are participating in the network as an operational manager for a validating node * the `cofounders` group is for those who are participating in the governance discussions moving the network closer to launch
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  • cofounders / Agreements Network Cofounders
    Group for the Co-Founders of the Agreements Network to discuss and negotiate a proper governance protocol which will allow their companies (and other similarly situated companies) to effectively participate in the open ecosystem.
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  • validators / Agreements Network Validators Working Group
    For Network Validators to discuss getting started, upgrading, and managing of the Agreements Network and its Testnets
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